Our Process

The bespoke process is a highly personal one, tailored literally and figuratively to each client. Each one-of-a-kind jacket is crafted from luxury quality leathers, silk linings, and hardware, many of which are further refined with special finishes including wash processes, painting, and distressing.

AtelierSavas utilizes a traditional bespoke approach to production, beginning with a meeting between Yarborough and the new client at her private Nashville atelier or on location to discuss materials, concept, shape, fit, and design. Clients are measured and given an approximate delivery date based on the specifics of the piece to be created, as well as a written quote, and production begins once a 50% deposit has been made for the commission.

In the second stage of development, a traditional paper pattern is developed based on the client's design and measurements. The paper pattern is used to sew a fabric fit sample, or toile, used in subsequent client fittings in order to make adjustments to the pattern. In order to develop the perfect fit, as many toiles as needed will be made and fitted to the client.

Stage four–jacket production–takes place at the atelier in Nashville, where the leather is laid out, examined, cleaned, cut by hand to the pattern, and constructed.

Upon completion, the final garment is delivered to or picked up by the client and the remaining balance is collected, ending the final phase of the project.